How long will it take to build my pool?

It generally takes us between 6-8 weeks, depending on the size and what features you have selected for the pool.

What sort of finishes are there?

Our black pools have an exposed pebble floor with black marble plaster walls and a dark tile band on the waterline.
Other finishes available are whitemarble, torazzo, fully tiled or Quartzons which come in a variety of colour options.

Does a sloping section pose a problem?

Not at all, in fact it can help us create an even more impressive product with features such as vanishing edges and waterfalls.

Can you build a pool through winter?

No problem! To keep the site and road clean we form a metal track into the site.
When all works are completed, the track is uplifted and the lawn reinstated.

When can we start to build?

As soon as the structural drawings are completed and a permit has been approved, a date will be agreed upon.